Friday, December 4, 2015

Fashion Meets Sports: A Market Opportunity

by Raven Hagan

Today, many women represent multiple sports brands, and they are fierce and strong. We are so used to seeing the strong suit of these women and the sports they represent, but there does seem to be a slight disadvantage as far as appearance goes. Men sportswear is highly represented and comes in a wide variety as far as stylish pants, polos, and shoes, whereas women’s sportswear is distasteful and bland. There are a couple of brands that are now showing more variety of sportswear for Women than there was before. Brands like Nike offer fun clothing, shoes, and accessories that cater specifically to a woman’s needs without womanizing them. Their items are made solely for comfort.

Ripping the Runway

Fashion in sports is even starting to hit the runways. Sports related themes have been seen in this years fashion weeks all over the globe. Paris Fashion Week started it all showing women's wear collections of Chloe, Carven and Paco Rabanne and Balmain. The French are showing us how they are styling in comfort for the next coming season.

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As women's interest in sports is growing rapidly so is the need for fashion for them. It is something that is needed and is trending. How do you feel about the need for women's sports fashion?  

Raven Hagan is a senior fashion merchandising major at Middle Tennessee State University.